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Starting fresh, starting over.

Life is all about starting and restarting. Coming back to my love of painting after a long hiatus has shown me that life is full of wonderful surprises.

When I start a new painting, I have to decide what size I’m in the mood to paint, because some subjects – need more room than others. I have to envision where the painting is going – will it be over someone’s couch, or in a nice cozy spot next to a fireplace, or maybe in a grand foyer?

I use professional heavy weight cotton canvas, and I always buy gallery wrapped. That means that the canvas is stretched around a wooden frame that is one and half inch thick on all sides.  I like to prime my canvas with gesso – even though it’s not necessary to give it a little extra “tooth” as we say.

Now, there are a few different methods I use to start a painting.

1: I know what I’m painting, so I draw it out clearly in pencil first on the canvas.

2: I haven’t got the foggiest notion what I’m going to be doing, and just start playing with colors and texture, and live in the moment and let the paint kind of lead me. I like to call it “advanced intuitive painting”.

This is actually a fascinating subject in itself and I will blog more about that in the future.

Now, I like to give all my paintings a great deal of depth. I usually paint several layers of paint, very often you will hardly be aware of the first 3 layers that were applied. But they are there and in a very subtle way they add depth and movement to the picture.

I have also discovered the wonderful use of different mediums which add texture and wonderment to the painting.  They are for usage in acrylic paintings, and I have used them with great satisfaction in creating a “3d” effect in my newer paintings.

As you scroll through my website, feel free to contact me with any questions about any particular painting.  Each one is laden with meaning and I’m happy to share it all with you.

Rivka Lemberg

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