• Rivka Lemberg

Last Summer in Jerusalem #(Yerushalayim)

I don't travel a lot. I'm kind of a home body. But last summer I had a new granddaughter waiting for me in Jerusalem, and me and my hubby picked up and went to meet her. It was a beautiful three weeks. What could be better, than spending time with my youngest daughter, trying to help her navigate the challenges of being a new mother, and actually getting to live in the #Holy #City of #Jerusalem?

I actually #painted as well. The apartment we stayed in had already been set up for me with #paint, #canvas and a beautiful #easel. While we were there I actually painted three magnificent paintings for the owner of the apartment - quite a nice trade off for the use of the apartment.

It seems so long ago, holding baby by day, walking the cobble stoned streets of Meah Shearim, davening at the #Kotel (#Western/#Wailing Wall) and visiting every #Art #Gallery on King David Street. The time flew by and before we knew it we were back in #Lakewood, New Jersey.

I don't know when we'll be able to go again, but I cherish the time we had, and try to put some of the experience and memories on my canvas when my brush leads me back to Jerusalem.

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