• Rivka Lemberg

To paint or not

People ask me all the time, "you must be painting up a storm since the pandemic started". Not really. I did just take my paints out, they were put away before Passover, and I had a really hard time getting started again.

How can I sit around painting when people are out there dying? Better to sit and brood and watch the endless real/fake news reports, close the windows, lock the doors, don't let anyone in, go the the fridge again, then again.

And then there's this thing with My Space.

I gave My Space to my husband over Passover, so he would have a lovely place to sit and pray (at home of course), study and enjoy his privacy.

Then I finally told him I really need it back, at least half of it. You see I take up a lot of room when I paint, like a whole gigantic room, so I can make a huge mess and call it all my own.

But I have to learn how to share, Covid 19 has told me so. So we moved my husband over a bit, and I took back my easel and placed it next to the window and the sunlight, and tried not to take out every single paint and brush that I own, and I started again.

It's not easy. I feel cold to it, but that's how it is with everything. We have to start, experiment, get back in touch with our inner selves and try. Try to be a bit better, kinder, less selfish, and hope it might show up on the canvas.

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